It's not magic; it's math, hard work and a pinch of obsession.
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How it Works


Spectro™ compares the asset you are trading with hundreds of thousands of other successful movements & trends from a variety of assets, coins, exchanges & timeframes.


I hate when theory differs from practice, so the code has been tested both mathematically and practically. The code has been tested for over 6 months, with fully automated trades and with human traders and it’s constantly updated.


Spectro™ processes market data to create a simple and highly effective indicator of the probability of the trend direction. It compares with thousands of similar patterns and will always make you trade in favor of the odds.


It’s easy to fill an Excel sheet with beautiful numbers. We use TradingView, so all the results of our algorithm are completely public, unalterable and generated by TradingView itself once our algorithm is compiled on their end. Check it out HERE.

I grew up believing in hardwork – too bad I’m lazy as f*ck.

I wanted to make money with a click.

I wasn’t born into a rich family and unfortunately, I always wanted to be rich. If that wasn’t enough I grew up with a dad that taught me the only way to success is hard work. But that’s bullshit! Of course hard work is important, but if you’re always working for money you will never make it work for you.

So I looked where fortunes were made overnight by pushing buttons, and there weren’t that many options really: stealing, hacking, selling drugs & the financial markets. It was an easy decision.


When I tell people that it took me a month to create the polynomial function that powers Spectro’s decisions, they say: “wow, you’re a genius.”

They’re wrong – very wrong. That month was just the culmination of a quest of 10 years trying to master money. Fun fact: I used to HATE math in school.

I don’t like repetitive work, and that’s why we have computers. Some people want you to take a math test without a calculator, which is inefficient considering all the computational power we have available to us. So why not use the computers to do what we want? And that’s why I taught myself to code at 14, and by 18 I already coded C, C++, Java, PHP, HTML, and MYSQL. Honestly, I was trying to code my games back then.

After that, I had five years of computer engineering, more courses and books about coding and finances I can remember, and ten years of trading all kinds of markets under my belt, from regular stocks to the most volatile options I could find. Plus, I’ve been ruthlessly researching cybernetic trading, machine learning, and neural networks for the last years to improve our algorithms further — all of this work to stop working, ironically.


It took me a month to compile the best of everything I’ve learned in the past ten years: trade systems, mathematical models, mistakes, and techniques. Once all of that was in computer language, it was just a matter of letting the neural network process a bunch of excel worksheets and hours staring at the data trying to find patterns.

I showed it to a good friend who said “next week you’re going to have a meeting with me” and there I was, one week later sitting in a billionaire’s office. As soon as he saw it in action, his reaction was to get his lawyer on the phone and tell me: “I want Spectro, and I’m getting a contract drawn up for 1 million dollars.”

A decent lifestyle would be locked-in forever. I mean, I know how to manage money and to invest that much I could easily make $10k/month with fixed interest products, zero work.

But his reaction was too much, too fast, too easy. I knew I had something big right at that moment. My friend was pretty upset since he didn’t make his 100k commission and told me I was crazy. Disagreeing at that moment was hard.

That was the hardest no I’ve ever given. But now I see that it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I almost sold my golden egg-laying chicken.


That’s a naive question. You might be wondering if this is a super scam. I mean I should be rich by now!

Well, I’m not bad myself for someone that came from nothing, but what you’re missing is that this product is meant for a specific audience: the casual investor. I’m not giving all the power away, just a sip, just enough for the smart ones to profit. I’m trying to give the smart ones the opportunity I never had.

I don’t want to attract the “easy money crew,” guys with no resilience and discipline at all that believe they will find a miracle solution on the internet and get rich with a push of a button. Those guys usually have no market experience, never provide useful feedback and won’t help the community to grow as a whole. And believe me, those guys are the customer support worst nightmare.

I’m not a f*cking saint; I love making money and that’s why I’m sharing a piece of the power with you. Also, this is risk-free residual income, not a bad business for me at all. Plus, I own the agency that built this site, so it was a very affordable investment for me since I had all the intellectual property ready.

So what you get is the data(indicators), the final decision is yours. I’m not sharing my strategies, however, I’m sharing every drop of data I use for all my strategies.

The Spectro™ at its maximum performance requires full-time dedication and a lot of trading experience. Imagine trading at the highest & most volatile frequency possible on several coins at the same time. If you’re not a trader, you’ll lose it fast. If you never had or don’t know a solid strategy, then my friend this product is far beyond your league.

I’m not feeding you breadcrumbs.

sit back, relax and behold



This is considering a 0.25% commission, so even if you lowball it by 10 f*cking times you still get 210%/year or 17%/month. Talk to your bank and see the crap they offer you, then come back running.


average precision

It’s true. Don’t believe us?
Check out our history on TradingView.

dollars per month

Because I just don’t care if I piss off a lot of guys offering super expensive bots and algos. I just want a risk-free and easy to sell investment. Also, I have a money back guarantee, so wtf do you have to lose?