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Do investing and trading
overwhelm you?

They don’t have to.

We’ve helped hundreds of investors & traders.

What if you could…

  • Design a path to financial freedom with numbers, not assumptions
  • Have access to dozens of custom-tailored indicators 
  • Eliminate human error and emotional bias in your investments
  • Trade less and make more by creating math-backed strategies
  • Start and grow a businesses with zero initial investment
  • Create location-independent residual income sources
  • Build a robust long-term investment portfolio on your own
  • Reduce stress and enjoy the financial journey
  • Keep yourself motivated all the time
  • Reprogram your behaviors and mindset to feel unstoppable
  • Be a part of a positive and supportive community

Take a look under the hood

Get All Premium Indicators For Free!

Get all our premium technical indicators and all the extra benefits. Also, we’ll release new indicators based on what YOU want! And guess what? It will also be included with no additional charges!

This is Alpha Club

This is our members’ area, where you can find all your exclusive tools in one place.

Neural Network Article Research

Read through thousands of articles within a second. Find the key players and events.

Neural Network Sentiment Analysis

Imagine if you could read and understand market sentiment through endless articles within a second? Now you can.

Neural Network Anomaly Detection

Did something happen? Detect things outside of the ordinary over news articles over a specified timeframe.

Multi-Market Overview

See what is happening over several markets and their sectors within seconds. Find opportunities faster than ever.

Advanced Crypto Overview

Do you trade cryptocurrency? Filter through the noise and only see what’s worth buying(or shorting).

Advanced Fundamentals Scanner

Are you building a long-term portfolio and value investing? Get all public available company data in one place. See what’s standing strong and what’s smoke and mirrors.

Advanced Technical Scanner

Are you a daytrader? Technical analyst? We also offer a full-range technical screener so you can only see what’s in a tradable zone. It works in all markets!

Advanced Forex Data

Take your FOREX screening to the next level. Heatmaps, cross ratios and much more in one place. Find the pairs that are pumping and pumping with one glance!

Forex Main Pairs Scanner

Read through 27 indicators within a second. Find where the best trades for FOREX pairs are with one look!

Cross-Market News Hub

Get all the news from every single market in one place. You’ll save hundreds with news subscriptions and a considerable amount of time!

Trading Competitions

Time to get some skin in the game and compete with your friends and other Alpha brothers/sisters for cash prizes or just for fun!

Trading Competitions Rankings

Who is the best Alpha trader? The numbers will tell!

Alpha Content & Forums

Everything you’ll ever need to start your own company, to invest appropriately and to get your trading consistent. Learn and talk to successful entrepreneurs and traders directly! Webinars, interviews, articles and much more!

Alpha Club teaches the best tools, technology & community to design a realistic plan for financial freedom and emotional fulfillment

Alpha Club is for anyone that craves a positive change; we’ll show you simple and affordable (mostly free) technology that will facilitate your life in ways you never thought possible. We’ve read, researched and tested hundreds of books to provide the latest and greatest technologies for creating robots that eliminate emotional bias and facilitate rational investment choices. 

Master cutting-edge psychological techniques used by leading personalities to release you from limiting wealth beliefs, and learn how to apply simple mathematical methods to create a fail-proof plan to financial freedom. You might doubt us, even yourself, but numbers don’t lie.

Are you ready for a change? Try something different.

Your next winning investment

Stop losing confidence and start winning money. Your way led you to exactly where you are right now. Are you satisfied? Commit to success and change. Try something different; invest in yourself.




What you get

Mastermind forums & community

Connect directly with the founders & like-minded individuals

The road to success is lonely; the better you get, more people can’t catch up with you. Your friends and family you’ll call you crazy and tell you to be reasonable. That’s why we created a community full of like-minded people who empower and inspire each other. You’ll never feel alone or lost again. The small mind always criticize what it can’t understand.

Full access to all our indicators!

10+ premium grade indicators, and increasing

We’ll constantly release new community-guided indicators & get access to all our existing ones. Coding is one of our biggest passions, so that’s why we’re always trying new stuff. Pushing limits of what is possible with technical analysis. We’ll listen to the community and deliver indicators based on their feedback.

Web entrepreneurship guidance

You’ll need money to invest; we’ll give you ideas on how to start

Our founders have started more than four web-based companies from scratch with $0 initial investment, and now all of them make at least $50k/yr in profits. They’re all 100% location independent and time-efficient. This is the perfect way to start growing your investment account and transition smoothly from your 9-5.

Trading and investing techniques

We’ll cover Technical and Fundamental styles

Work flows better when you love it, the same thing happens with investing. Find what style works better for you and that will increase your odds drastically. Everything works, Mr. Warren Buffet is a titan of value investing, and we have multi-billion dollars hedge funds like Two Sigma and Renaissance that are masters of systematic(algorithmic trading). Find what works you – you can do whatever you set your mind to.

Live and on-demand webinars

Chose your challenges; we’ll solve them live

“I wish I had someone to help me with this” – is something we’ll never allow our clients to feel. This is a promise our founders take very seriously, as self-made people. Everything could’ve been so much easier and faster if we had this when we started. Guess what? With Hypester, it will be for you. Let us know what you need, and we’ll deliver.

Advanced market screening tools

Including IBM Watson AI interface

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. With the right tools, you’ll find treasure faster and with more precision than anyone else. We offer deep fundamental analytics, advanced technical screeners, market heatmaps and the powerful IBM Watson neural network sentiment analysis. It feels like trading with Skynet on your side.

Learn how to automate investing strategies

Create your own trading/investing algorithms

If you think this is genius stuff, think again. Hypester teaches you the right technologies to build your own indicators and fully automated investment strategies, no prior experience necessary. Say goodbye to human error and emotional bias.


Emotion and psychology discussions

What you chose to ignore, won’t make it ignore you

Emotional and psychological intelligence is a constant in any successful person’s life. Doesn’t it feel like that successful people can survive anything you throw at them? Here you’ll find the tools to dig deep and discover the Alpha you free of judgement. Our community is heavily moderated and supportive. We do not tolerate any form of disrespect or judgement.

Can Alpha Club help you?

Take the quiz.

Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to investing?

Do you lack a clear plan or strategy that yields consistent results?

Do you feel like your heart and/or mind get in your way of financial success?

Have you lost more than $99 with poor investment decisions?


You need the Alpha Club.

Welcome to the family!

Why trust us?

The results speak for themselves.

Real results from our users

The best ROI on the market

There are hundreds of “miracle” products out there that cost many times more. We don’t offer you any surreal promises, but rather a battle-tested and statistically proven path to take control of your financial fate.




I've never invested or traded before. Can I still benefit from Alpha Club?

Yes sir/ma’am, you sure can! Alpha Club is made precisely for you. Our primary goal is to cover the essential foundations of wealth creation and asset management.

Many people jump into trading/investing before covering those grounds, so let me enlighten you with some data: 90% of traders lose 90% of their money in their first 90 days when they jump in the water without proper training.

By choosing Alpha Club you’ll avoid that dreadful fate, and you’ll be able to stay within the 10% that do their homework and face the market when they have their strategies and weapons locked n loaded to take the competition out.

Don’t be the prey, be the Alpha.

If you're so successful, why are you sharing your "secrets" with us?

Let’s make something clear: our secrets are very well kept, and we don’t plan to share them. As in, the strategies that took us years of study and A/B testing that we apply for our funds and our clients’ funds will remain a secret.

If you’re looking for a signal provider or a shortcut to success, that’s not Alpha Club. Here we’ll study the very cornerstones that support successful and unbreakable people that change the world.

However, we’ll not only teach how to create your strategies from scratch, but we’ll provide market screeners, interviews, webinars and access to hundreds of other investors sharing the same path. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

But don’t fool yourself: there’s no easy way out. You have to do your homework and practice. But, big but here, we’ll point you the way and share all the tools, books, biggest mistakes and resources we use to manage our assets. This will save you years of research and thousands of dollars in trial and error.

Also, you’ll have access to premium indicators that took us years and thousands of dollars to develop. Stronger and faster signals – if you don’t know how to read them, they would be pointless – but guess what? We’ll teach you all of that too.

Why should I trust you when there are so many frauds out there?

Don’t trust us; trust yourself. Alpha Club teaches you how to think and fend for yourself, so if you think you just found the miracle formula to rapid wealth – get out of here. We know that it takes a disciplined mind to make it – and if you still believe in that easy-money tale, we’re sorry for you.

Once again, we’re not promising to tell you the winning stocks of the year. Or the zero to million in a year kind of bullshit. Nope – we’ll teach you how to develop, how to analyze, how to get your shit together and take control of your emotional state while using our premium indicators and advanced screening tools.

We’ll point you to the best books written by the most successful financial minds that this world has seen (which took us years to read, find and test).

We’ll share our stories of successes and failures through our forums, interviews with investors/traders going through the same path as you, and  sharing the best tools available in the market to give you the winning edge and drastically improve your odds.

If you don’t think that’s not worth the subscription value, good luck; you have a long road ahead to find all of this by yourself 🙂

But let me you ask you something: your ways got you to where you are right now. Are you happy?

I'm not a programmer but I want to code my trading strategy. Is that possible?

That’s exactly what we deliver here – a technology edge accessible to everyone. We’ve researched, curated and tested the best coding languages and software to give you the most efficient approach to a quick start.

All the technologies we teach in Alpha Club were carefully chosen to be beginner-friendly. Yesterday my dog coded an algorithm to give her treats after she signed up. The only requirement is desire and not giving up. But don’t worry, we’ll give you tips on how to develop those traits too 🙂

As a member, will I get any 1-on-1 time with you guys to ask questions etc?

Alpha Club is the only way to have direct access to the founders via our forums (as well as other advanced traders and people at your level). If you happen to have a specific question, you can always submit it in our webinar request forum so that we can address it on our live webinars on demand.

What if I don't like it? Can I get my money back?

No, this is a pay and use service – once you pay you have access to all content. If there’s a trial you won’t be charged during its duration, if you forget to cancel it, you will be charged and that’s also not refundable. Make sure to read our refund policy.