Feel like everyone is taking profits but you?

Tired of feeling like you’re clicking all the wrong buttons? We can help. With our cryptocurrency trading course, you’ll learn to predict the ups and downs of the market using technical analysis.

You don’t need prior trading experience or an engineering degree. In the financial market, your money works for you, not the other way around. All you need is a computer and a decent internet connection.

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Cryptocurrency Trading Basics

Everything you need to become a financially-independent crypto trader

Cryptocurrency will give you the freedom to make a living on your own terms, from anywhere, without relying on external factors. Our course will teach you everything from the basics of crypto to technical analysis and advanced strategies.

What to Expect

Understanding the Technology


Protecting Your
Savings & Profits


Trading & Technical
Analysis Basics


Records, Numbers & Keeping Track


Advanced Methods & Formulas


Emotional Control Techniques


Controlled Risk Rules & Strategies


Overview of Common Terms



Crypto isn’t just for nerds and programmers, and it shouldn’t be. It’s the revolution of money and the key to bringing the power back to the people, so the more of us using it, the better.

Imagine a skill that doesn’t matter if you just got into college or if you have 3 grandsons. Actually, it has absolutely no prejudice; it’s just you and the market.

With our step by step courses, we’ll explain (in plain English):

  • What is cryptocurrency, where it comes from and is it safe
  • Understanding the blockchain tech & concept behind crypto
  • Altcoins: what they are and why you should care
  • How to buy cryptocurrency and what tools to use
  • The technical analysis and fundamentals training you need to make 1-5% a day trading cryptocurrency
  • And so much more! (seriously, we could fill a whole page)

Module One

Crypto Trading Basics

What, how, which, where, why. We’ll cover all the basic principles of trading, what it takes to stay in the game and how crypto is different from the other markets.

  1. Introduction & What is Crypto?
  2. Staying in the Game
  3. Small Accounts
  4. Getting Started
  5. Trading Basics
  6. Volatility
  7. Markets
  8. Trading Styles & Crypto
  9. Types of Players and GMMA
  10. Momentum & Influencers
  11. Quantum Physics & Trading

Module Two

Crypto Trading Essentials

90% of traders blow out their accounts because they neglect this most important part. Understand and prepare yourself for what you’ll experience and how to stay in the zone.

  1. Theory Changes in Practice
  2. These Habits Will Make You Fail
  3. “Common Sense” is Useless
  4. 90/90/90 Phenomena
  5. Crypto vs Other Markets
  6. Risk Management
  7. Money Management
  8. Most Fatal & Common Mistakes
  9. Know your Coins
  10. Stop Orders

Module Three

Technical Analysis

We’ll cover the most used and basic tools to start trading and adapt them to the crypto world.

  1. Pareto’s Law & Tech Analysis
  2. Candlesticks
  3. Price Action
  4. Trends
  5. Support
  6. Resistance
  7. Breakout
  8. Reversal
  9. Volume & Liquidity
  10. Market Depth & Price Walls
  11. Averages
  12. MACD & Histogram
  13. ATR
  14. Basic Strategies

Module Four

Advanced Module

Let’s dive deep into the most used indicators, formulas, and mathematical models. We’ll explore habits and ways to keep yourself on track and constantly growing with realistic metrics.

  1. Fibonacci & Golden Number
  2. Bollinger Bands
  3. Stochastic Oscillator
  4. Directional Movement Index
  5. Relative Strength Index
  6. Guppy Method(GMMA)
  7. Pattern Trading
  8. Top 7 Performing Patterns
  9. Elliot Wave
  10. Personal Metrics
  11. Scanning for Trades
  12. Advanced Strategies

Don’t take our word for it

Here’s what our students say


I did the Crypto Trading course with Roderick and it was definitely the best investment I ever made. Extremely didactic content, strategies that can and will help everyone achieve incredible levels of income. Since I took the course (3 days ago) I did a few transactions and a result higher than 70% OF PROFIT! BELIEVE ME, your financial life will change after this course!

– A. Elias


This course opened my mind to the main reasons why people don’t profit. It’s almost like everybody else is looking at the wrong thing. After this course, and the profits after the intensive seminar, I decided to make trading one of my main sources of revenue even though I already run a successful marble quarry business. If you are not willing to invest this little in such unlimited potential….well don’t complain if you remain broke! Thanks Rod for all the insights and can’t wait for the next crash course!!!

– G. Cavalcante


For me the course was better than I expected; it gave me the security to trade more safely and learn to create and follow a strategy. I would give it a grade 4.5 because I found it too fast paced and this makes the practical technical analysis part a bit superficial, but I thought it was worth it!

– F. Kreigne


I’ve known about the universe of bitcoin and cryptocurrency for a long time. I had contact with the technology from the beginning, as a curious enthusiast. I knew that it was an emerging market because of the disruptive nature of its creation. I got involved and today I know a lot of people related to this world, but I never found someone who could show me what I was looking for. Until I met Rod and realized that there was a knowledge and practice that, even as a beginner, I could vastly widen my radius of vision.

I took the Crypto Trader course and I can really say that it’s like learning a new language. The data, indicators, situations, and patterns that before didn’t make the slightest sense now do, and I couldn’t imagine that in such a short time I was able to learn and profit so much. Intensive course, precise methodology, practical and without any fluff. I recommend it to everyone, it was worth every penny! It was a great pleasure and I can only thank you!

– D. Sangiorgi


I took the Trader course with Specter, since understanding more about this universe was always a dream of mine. This course was a pleasant surprise! It has very informative content, and although there are techniques and advanced content that I had never had the slightest contact with before, I had no difficulty understanding. Due to the techniques and the way the classes were taught, understanding was so easy. After the course I have the confidence to start my trader life, and even though I’m at the beginning, I can already make considerable gains. Thanks to all the attention that has been given to me, even after the course ends. Looking forward to the next, so that I can improve myself even more.

– H. Arraes


Excellent course for those who want to start in the area of ​​crypto-coins trading and pursue a career. Modern instruction, straight to the point. It’s worth noting that it’s not a magic trick, it’s necessary to study, train and to self-discipline in order to succeed.

– R. Santos


I would like to thank you for the course that is changing my life for much better. When they ask me if it was worth it, I say that before the course, it was like I was blind, that everything was in front of me but I could not see. After the course I started to see the graphs in a different way, and much more than that I started to understand what they were saying and to use it in my favor with my trades.

Thank you for your willingness and commitment to help us in this new stage. My thanks for everything !!!

– C. Gonçalves


The course was simply fantastic! I searched through a lot of similar content out there, but never found a course as objective and deep as the one taught by Specter. Without bla bla bla or fufu, the course gives you all the necessary theory and practical application. On the second day, everyone made profits that once seemed surreal for a trading day. And because I’ve redefined my concepts and changed my entire market view, I highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to exponentially increase their results!

– R. Maluf

What you really want to know

So, how much does it cost?



Unlimited lifetime access
4 complete modules
244 slide downloadable PPT
15+ tested strategies
11 hours 40 minutes of video

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question not listed here? Ask us.


To be transparent, I used to make $10k/month at least with my other businesses, and I’m trying to sell everything just to trade. It’s not just for the money; it’s very entertaining and liberating, but you have to have nerves.


If you already trade, scroll up and you’ll see the complete list of the topics that we’ll cover in the course. Read them, see how much you know and see for yourself if it’s worth your investment.


No, the techniques you’ll learn here are also applicable to other markets! Of course, once you decide to trade Crypto you will need to get some, but don’t worry – the course comes with a list of places to get your BTCs.


Yes, if you like the course enough to tell a person that trusts you to go for it, you totally deserve a cut (you did the hard part). So I offer a 50% commission for ANY referrals. Just get in touch and we’ll set you up with our Beta affiliate program.


Let me ask you something: what do you think about taking a course about making money, but the first thing you do is give something you paid away for free? First, if your friend is not willing to pay what you paid, he isn’t much of a friend. Second, you could make 50% in commissions but yet you decide to disrespect your money. So, nope.


In short, no. This course covers how to make money buying and selling coins, stocks or other assets (if you’re trading in a different market). In the future, we may release a course that covers other aspects of the crypto world, but for now, we do not cover this at all.


The course is 11 hours and 40 minutes long. It’s delivered as a series of videos broken down by topic, so you can pause and resume right where you left off.


Not for this course! The language I use is very straightforward and simple. All the trading skills I’ve learned were from experience, reading and online courses – not a single minute from college, only 10 years of hard work. All you need are some basic math skills and a willingness to learn and persevere.


Sorry, but I don’t offer one-on-one mentorship or coaching – If I teach, I won’t have enough time to trade. If you’re starting out, everything you need to get going is in this course. And if you’re a veteran, these methods can help you refine, optimize and track your progress.


Guess what? NO! I took my time and tested and selected some great tools that are completely free to use and that will help you on your journey. Some work better when upgraded to premium (paid) versions, but if you’re just starting you won’t have to worry about starting in the red due to recurring monthly fees.


Yes, however, I’d like to talk to you personally to know why you believe this course was not worth your money first – it’s all about making money, right? If you still think you didn’t see any improvement or benefit, I will gladly refund you.


That’s the same as asking someone how long it takes to learn how to ride a bike. It’s very personal, but from experience, I can tell that the first 90 days are crucial and hard; don’t expect much there, because it’s the learning, trial-and-error period. Don’t get discouraged or give up – see yourself through the first 90 days and I can almost guarantee that you’ll start seeing results. If you’re a work-a-holic, you might pull it off in a couple weeks.


Trading cryptocurrency will give you the freedom to make a living on your own terms, from anywhere, without relying on external factors. Our course will teach you everything from the basics of crypto to technical analysis and advanced strategies.

The course has 4 modules: Crypto Trading Basics, Crypto Trading Essentials(Emotional Control), Technical Analysis & Advanced Module.

It’s an extensive course with 11 hours and 40 minutes of pure content and straight to the point – and it’s all explained in a simple and plain english for maximum learning.

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