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Advanced Tools

Goodbye human error: meet the Spectro™ INDICATOR

Before you start trading, everything looks neat and practical on paper. And then you start putting money in, and the game changes. Your emotions sometimes get the best of you, whether it’s greed, panic, or indecision, and you forget about or go against your game plan.

Don’t you wish you could take that human side out of the equation? We agree, which is why we created Spectro™, a proprietary algorithm with an average precision of 81%. By subscribing to our signals, we’ll send you email and SMS alerts when Spectro™ says it’s a good time to buy and sell.

Because everyone knows robots are the future, right?

Crypto Trading Course

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What if you could make a living without relying on clients, bosses or 9-to-5’s? Trading gives you the flexibility to live and work from anywhere and be completely self-reliant. Now with the cryptocurrency market live 24/7, you can choose exactly when you want to trade regardless of where you are in the world.

Our trading course was built to help beginner and intermediate crypto traders to take their game to a new level through in-depth technical analysis, risk management, operating strategies and more. You don’t need prior trading experience or an engineering degree. We make things as straightforward and easy as possible.

When you trade, your money works for you, not the other way around.

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