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Auto Pivot System

One of the most important foundations of trading is having clear support an resistance, not only for price prediction but for entry strategies, accumulation, and distribution and much more.

It’s just good to know when the price might change its behavior.

Like all things Spectro™ we like to make it easy, so we implemented a few pivots types that are accessible with one click with no hassle and everything is smart and self-calculating, so you don’t have to worry about if you did your Fibonacci retracement wrong.


Pivot Types

The look back period is the amount bars considered for the formula, a simple rule of thumb is that the look-back period should be proportional to your trade, shorter trades go along with smaller look-back periods, whereas longer positions should be considered under a bigger look-back period perspective – remember, this is just a newbie tip, there are hundreds of good ways of using Fibonacci & Pivots.

Adaptative Fibonacci

This is the classic Fibonacci Retracement where you measure a movement from top to bottom or vice-versa to see where the future price points of interests will be. This is a Static Pivot where the hard horizontal lines are always displaying.

Fibonacci Bollinger Bands©

90% of the price action happens inside of the Bollinger Bands©, but using the concept of the standard deviation with the Fibonacci sequence we can have an indicator that is more involved to the current behavior. This is also a Dynamic Pivot, it adapts every new candle.

Full Fibonacci

We use the full Fibonacci spectrum to predict brother and omnidirectional movements. It takes in consideration more than just the recent high-low Fibonacci Retracement. This is a Static Pivot where the hard horizontal lines are always displaying.

Murrey’s Channel

This is a quite interesting method to find the price movements proportions, not many people use it and this is a rather efficient way to do pivots. Here’s a deeper article in case you want to learn more about the foundations of this indicator. We mixed his technique with BB’s, therefore this is a Dynamic Pivot, it adapts every new candle.

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