Can I follow the “alerts” blindly?

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Tell me one time that “following something blindly” ended up well.  If you are looking for an easy money-making machine, if you have no experience in trading at all and you’re hoping to find the secret to wealth for $100/mo online, well my friend we are not the answer to your prayers. Just ask yourself, if someone had such a thing, why would they sell it to you for 100 bucks?

Why don’t you try following the RSI blindly and see what happens or any other indicator that comes to your mind.

If you don’t even understand why this following signals blindly is bad when compared to real trading or how to properly filter through the signals then you should really not be trading at all. You should research and study more first; your pocket will thank me later.

Let us make something very clear: we’re not an alert service, we’re in the indicator business. We create tools for traders from traders.

But, if you are a trader looking for a trading system to speed up your analysis, boost your confidence, predict reversals, price changes, solid entry points and much more, then this is for you.

Spectro is meant to cover the basics and dramatically boost the profitability of your existing strategies. If you don’t even have one Spectro is definitely a good place to start. It’s very simple to create strategies with the trading system our indicator provides.

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