Error Study/Strategy Not Authorized (not auth)

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#1 This error is displayed when you HAD access to one of our indicators and no longer have.

Therefore, if you failed to renew your membership that’s what you’ll see.

#2 It means you might need to update the script, follow these 2 steps:

  1. First, log out and log in to refresh your account see if it fixes the issue.
  2. Remove the Indicator (Click on the X after the error)
  3. Reload it by going to Indicators -> Invite-Only -> Indicator You Bought (If it was an update the name might have changed)


If you can’t see any indicators on the invite-only tab, it means that your membership wasn’t renewed – If it wasn’t your intention to cancel it, please get in touch with support.

Also, sometimes the name might appear different on the Invite-only Tab, apply it to your chart and it’s the version displayed on the chart that matters.

Thank you for reading.

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