How Direction Warnings Work

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The direction warnings come from Spectro’s™ algorithm interaction with price action.

To understand how Spectro brain work read this article first: 

Warnings don’t come turned on by default. If you want to use them make sure you turn them on.

So once you understood that Spectro has a “normal-line” based on the normal market movements, you can observe that crossings mean a strong change of momentum.

The alerts, however, use different triggers but in essence is the same mechanism.

The alerts are more responsive, it detects small changes in the momentum direction so it will alert you of things before it happens and you can act it if you wish. Usually, it always comes before the BUY/SELL alerts, sometimes it will overlap if the change is violent, however, sometimes, the alert is displayed but the direction change is not definitive, all these possibilities are shown on the following chart:

Spectro Alerts

Alerts are a great way to protect profits & find bottoms – for more experienced traders it’s the perfect tool to combine with any DCA technique of choice.

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