How do I know those numbers are real?

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The retail version is the “STUDY” mode, it’s only an indicator. The mode that runs the backtesting is the “STRATEGY” mode. The reason we chose to use the study is simple, Tradingview has a STRATEGY trade limit, so it only allows 2000 trades – if there are more it simply doesn’t work.
The problem? On smaller timeframes(30 minutes or less) Spectro™ would not work because it would trade too much in a short amount of time, so we came up with a workaround, so we graphically plot “buy and sell” on your screen but we don’t really tell the platform to compute a trade, so it works for you but you can’t see the math backtesting.

Worry not child, if you still think I’m full of shit we can check those numbers together over a video call sharing screens. I only ask of you one thing: once we have those numbers checked out, I will record and publish that call for other people that might think it’s all bullshit.

See all the backtesting benchmarks here.

Thank you for reading.

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