How to Create Alerts (Email, Sounds, SMS)

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To create an alert when an up/down or a direction warning is being plotted just follow these steps. To have multiple alerts you might need to upgrade your Tradingview plan.

  1. Click on the alert tab on Tradingview (right sidebar)
  2. Add an alert (+ button on the upper right side of your screen)
  3. Select the indicator you purchased and then the type of signal you want, in the example it’s a UP(old buy) alert
  4. You MUST use these settings here: Greater Than -> Value -> 0.9 (When the condition is true it turns to 1, and goes back to 0)
  5. This is a personal choice, it really depends on your strategy but the most popular choice is Once Per Bar or Once Per Bar Close
  6. Remember that if you don’t set a date properly your alert might not work. A lot of people forget this.
  7. Select what type of alert you want (SMS require the paid version of Tradingview)

Thank you for reading.

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