I can’t access/see Spectro on my Indicators Tab

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Make sure you read these instructions first.

If you can’t see the indicator you purchased on the Invite-Only Script Tab on the Indicator area, the most common causes are:

  1. You provided the wrong Tradingview username, double check that and get in touch with our support.
  2. It’s been less than 1 business day since you purchased – we take up to 1 business day to activate your subscription. (It never takes that long).
  3. Your subscription wasn’t renewed, double check your subscription status, billing information and make sure your last payment was approved.
  4. A big update, if the Indicator was renamed you might need to reload it just remove it from the graph and re-install it.

If none of that works for you try:

  1. First, log out and log in to refresh your account see if it fixes the issue.
  2. Clear your browser’s cache.

Thank you for reading.

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