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How to Use Spectro Range to Dominate

Spectral Range Basics

Spectral Range will easily tell you when the range of the movement is far out of the normal, healthy and expected movement. When this happens the bar will increase in height towards either the bullish or bearish zone. The longer the bar, the further it is outside of the normal movement and the greater the expectation that it will correct back to normal. The bar will change color at its greatest strength.

Little warning signs will also appear as extra confirmations of abnormal movements. This can be used together with the bars for a more conservative approach.

In the EURUSD chart, you can see a lot of bars reaching into overbought zones, but the bar doesn’t change red with warning signs until a few candles later. Spectral range here both gave a good entry and exit when waiting for all confirmations.

While it is very hard to find true tops and bottoms, Spectral Range helps you find good entries and exits. This indicator tends to work better on smaller time frames. It is better for scalp trading where you are trying to time spikes and volatile movement.
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