M3 Entry & Exit

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Spectro M3  Entry/Exit

Spectro Entry/Exit Oscillator is the central core of Spectro based on our proprietary algorithm. Within Spectro M3, the Oscillator itself hasn’t changed much with regards to M2. The only real change is that you now have Aggressive and Conservative options to choose from. The oscillator itself has three primary colors; Red, Blue, and Green. These colors refer to the trend of the direction. Red would mean that we are heading down. When the Oscillator turns Blue, that’s the Oscillator saying that the market is indecisive and possibly about to turn. When the Oscillator turns Green, this means that the market is heading upwards. The Oscillator itself is a powerful tool within Spectro; it provides a lot of data. If the oscillator is unusually higher than the candles, this means Spectro detects this is not normal for the market to act this way and that will either correct or reverse. Also, the size of the slope between the oscillator and the price will tell you the expected strength of the future reversal, the bigger it is, the stronger it’s supposed to be.

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