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Our indicators use the classic green versus red approach, but some people have their preferences and Tradingview allows us to explore infinite options in terms of colors. You can also play with transparency to make things fade as much as you want, even to disappear.

Tradingview has a max cap for what we can plot on the chart, 64 plots to be exact.

In order to fit in all our features, we have to use the same plotting object for multiple algorithms – that’s sometimes why you will find the same line or background color being used for more than one purpose.


Up/down confirmation and warning style options.

Spectro’s Oscillator

Volume Analyzer

All colors for volume analyzer can be found under SClouds Basis.

Reversal Tools

Style options for reversal tools.

The Scalp Exhaust

This method of styling can be found in its’ own section.

Specter Clouds

X Confirmations

Style options for x confirmations.

Volatility Tools

Specter Alpha-Omega style options.

Auto Pivots


Full Fibonacci

Adaptative Fibonacci

BB Fibonacci

Murreys Channels

Trend Analyser

Specter Price and Volume share same style options.

Specter Price:

Bearish area > TrendA Backgrounds/Color 1
Bullish area > TrendA Backgrounds/Color 3
Transition area > TrendA Backgrounds/Color 2

Specter Volume:

Bearish area > TrendA Backgrounds/Color 1
Bullish area > TrendA Backgrounds/Color 0

Smart Trend:

Cumulative Mode:

Ehlers Mode:

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