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Spot Trends With The Ultimate Trend Analyzer


Trying to trade against a trend is a risky affair. You are more likely to get burned than not. The Ultimate Trend Analyzer provides you an easy way to understand the trend all in one indicator. UTA is the only indicator not part of Spectro in any form, because it packs a whole lot.

In order to trade the trend, you must keep in mind that you are trying to trade the bigger movement as opposed to timing the absolute tops and bottoms. When the trend line is green it is bullish, red is bearish, and orange is transition. The orange areas are telling you that a change in the trend is coming. Besides the trend line, there are bullish green zones on top and bearish red zones on bottom. When it crosses the center, it means the overall trend is changing.

One way to use the UTA is by looking for divergences between the trend line and prices. When you find one you can enter during the orange phases.

Trading Profile

Different profiles work better with different time frames. Swing/Longterm gives you a more overall look at what the trend is. It works better on bigger time frames. On smaller time frames it might look really flat. Day trading option will give you better results for intraday movement, because it is more reactive. The last option, scalping, is great for volatile movements and is super reactive.

Correlation Method

The default correlation method is set to price, which works for most circumstances. If you want it to be less reactive, then you can switch to volume. It will be smoother, slower, and safer.

Smoothing Method

Linear Regression and Symmetrical Average are just two different ways to smooth out the trend line. Which one you use is mostly up to personal preference. You can even turn off smoothing altogether. This will make it more sensitive to changes so it will react more.

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