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Volume Analyser M3

The volume analyzer gives you an easy-to-read interface of one of the most powerful and yet overlooked information. Our volume analyzer crunches all the volume data for you and returns a simple visual analysis if the volume is creating a bullish or a bearish moment, also some of our modes offer the option to know when the trend is losing strength or changing direction – Let’s study this indicator deeper.

The Volume Analyser will determine all of the volume entering a particular asset. It will allow you to see if people are buying or selling, or if the volume is bullish or bearish. Depending on what kind of trader you are, there are three options to choose from within the Volume Analyser.

Volume Analyzer Settings

Modes can be changed here.

Scalp Mode

. This mode is mainly for scalp traders who tend to trade intraday within the smaller timeframes. Scalp Mode is the most reactive of them all, detecting any minor volume alteration. For example, if the candles are red, this indicates that the volume is bearish, that sellers are stronger than buyers. On the flip side of that, if the candles are green, it’s the opposite.



Long Trend Mode

This mode also uses binary colors, red and green. So, for your upward trend, the candles would remain mostly green even into part of the turn downwards. The same happens in the downward movement. The candles would turn red as soon as Spectro M3 detects we are continuing down, and again the candles can remain red even on a slight pullback/retrace. Thus, this is better for swing traders or long-term position holders.

Precision Mode

The precision mode gives you real in-depth data as to what the volume is doing in real-time. For example, if the trend is turning into an uptrend, the candles up would go light Green indicating weaker upward movements. Once the candles turn dark green, Spectro M3 detects that the volume is substantial (darker the color, stronger the volume). The same can happens in downtrends. The candles would start light red, but as the volume increases, the candles turn dark red. Again, as the trends weaken, so does the color.


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