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X Confirmation Basics

We’re always giving you a hard time with that mom talk “Check other indicators son! Remember to confirm and improve your odds!” – so you know your STOCH, RSI, STOCH RSI, BB, DMI, ATR, MFI, OBV, CCI, MFI, DPO, 2 types of MACD, EMV, CMO, TSI, Elliot Waves Premises, Fractal Patterns, Fibonacci Levels? Well, let us check ALL of these for you and deliver it so easy that all it takes is one look to see what more than 15 indicators are telling you.

Whenever you see the triangles, it means that all the indicators agree that’s a mean reversal zone. The more triangles, stronger the signal.

We use a weighted average and we are constantly testing the weights and parameters to achieve maximum precision.

It has 3 different triggering option and also an easy turn on/off button:

X Confirmation Modes

Now we will study the difference between the Aggressive, Moderate and Conservative trigger modes.

Conservative Mode

The conservative is the one that uses most indicators confirmations, so it means that they are rarer since more indicators have to agree at the same time.

Moderate Mode

The moderate mode takes into consideration fewer indicators confirmations, thus you will get more signals – useful when you’re trading more volatile assets & smaller time frames.

Aggressive Mode

The aggressive mode can be overwhelming for most of the types of trading except scalping and daytrading at some level. They look very useless on larger time frames, but when trading small timeframes with leverage, the precision it gives you finding tops and bottoms before alerts is a game changer. Also can be used to protect profits when unloading bigger positions.

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