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Welcome Beta Testers! Please watch this short video

PS: Sorry for the rushed video, but I just wanted to get this launched. Please click around, we have a social media, many scanning tools, the trading competition which we’re aware that there are some bugs regarding the price updates and there’s much more.

Please, your goal is to point things we could add, or the order of how items are presented in the user area to make it more intuitive and user-friendly.

The users who have the best feedback will be awarded our MASTER MACD exclusive indicator, free, forever. Be honest, try to help as much as you can, and think of others. We’re building this for you and others just like you.

Post your feedback here:

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Learn how to trade or test your skills against other members with the chance to win real money prizes. The perfect low-stakes way to simulate the pressure of a live market environment.

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Economic Calendar

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Fundamental Scanner

Get all stock’s fundamental data publicly available with our fundamental deep scanner.

Markets Scanner

Every information you need to spot opportunities across all markets.

IBM Neural Sentiment

Read thousands of articles in seconds and measure market confidence & sentiment.

FOREX Scanner

Heatmaps, crossrates and major pairs instant basic technical analysis and more.

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See all the latest news from all major sources in one place.