The Spectro™ Indicator subscription is a pay-to-use, monthly subscription-based service. Payments are made before access being granted to the service. Like a gym membership, you pay per month, not per-use – if you do not use the indicator, you are still liable for payment because you have been given access to it.

Also, since the indicator has a limited amount of users that can have access at any one time, by subscribing you deny someone else from using it. That’s why we don’t have any canceling or lock-in fees, and you can stop your renewal at any given moment before the new charge.

If you are a “forgetter”, keep in mind that whenever you ask for a refund one member of our team has to go and complete this whole process manually. Therefore there’s a cost, and the ones who have to pay for this employee are the ones that are active subscribers. Also, the payment gateways lower our quality score whenever we issue a refund. 

Nevertheless, we’re trying to teach financial education, if you forget about managing and paying your bills that’s a lesson you do need to learn asap, try telling your bank or the IRS you forgot paying or canceling something.

If you read all of this probably you are a “forgetter”, don’t be angry with us, but it’s not fair that other people pay for your mistakes 🙂

Due to these reasons, we do not issue refunds if you forgot to cancel your subscription before renewal.

That being said, we do offer full refunds for the following conditions and evidence is provided:

  1. Product malfunctions of any type or nature.
  2. Unwanted or accidental purchase.
  3. You’re a complete beginner and have no idea what you’re doing, and you have the wrongful notion that our products are the magic formula to wealth. This is entirely up to our team.

If you do not provide the information above, we cannot issue a refund.

If you meet all the conditions above and you have issued a refund, your subscription will automatically be canceled and your access revoked. The refund may take several days to appear on your card, as per the policy and timeframe of stripe.com, our payment processor.

You must understand that this is just an indicator, not a miracle. Spectro™ detects changes in direction, even small ones. So by agreeing with the refund policy, we are not liable if you lose money with commissions or trading positions due to your lack of trading experience.