Done's, doing's & will do's.

Take a look at how fast we move and how we take into consideration every single good feedback, Understand that excellence is our only way.
We aim high and we are not stopping anytime soon. It’s been a ride.

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The foundation of our kingdom is made out of a kick ass solid product, that really helps people with an unbeatable price.


Spectro M is an indicator meant to cover all the basics of TA trading with one glance while teaches the user what to observe. Therefore decision-making is less stressful, less risky, faster and more precise – Spectro trains the trader how to make their own decisions without forgetting the fundamentals.

jul-sep/2018 (q1)
  • Launch 7M for Testing (100 spots sold out in 24h) 100% 100%
  • Collect UI & UX Data from 100 users for Spectro Update 100% 100%
  • Development & Beta Test Spectro 8M 100% 100%
  • Extra Filters – Auto-cross data with RSI, STOCH & Others 100% 100%
  • Dynamic Resistance/Support & Pressure Prediction 100% 100%
oct-dec/2018 (q2)
  • Advanced Price Prediction & Projection w/ Graphic Representation 100% 100%
  • Volume Alerts & Confirmations 100% 100%
  • Volatility Tool 100% 100%
  • Adjustable Spectro Brain Recursive Count Back Settings 100% 100%
  • Improve Spectro Output Scaling for Less Noise 100% 100%


It’s Spectro M powerful sidekick, this is meant for more seasoned traders which know the importance of fine-tuning their indicators to trade different markets & assets. Spectro O also introduces a whole new dynamic triggering alert system, creating endless alerts/signals possibilities. [This project has been discontinued since we figure a way to implement this algo on the M version with no extra costs]

jul-sep/2018 (q1)
oct-dec/2018 (q2)
  • Spectro Pro O Development 100% 100%
  • Spectro Pro O Development & Beta Testing 100% 100%
  • Launch Spectro O 100% 100%

trading basics course

jul-sep/2018 (q1)
  • Launch MVP Platform 100% 100%
  • Collect Feedback 100% 100%
2019 (q2)
  • Develop Subscription Product Model 25% 25%
  • Gamification & Front-End Integration “SPECTER TRADING” 15% 15%

Automation basics course

There has been an increased demand for this subject, and yet, we fail to find good content online. I’ll release a basic intro course to automation, meant for beginners. So you can start taking your first swings at this challenge – Understand how to think like a machine, acquire a deeper mathematical understanding about the indicators and the market, turn your trading into consistent principles, transform your strategy to code, back test it and more.

2018 (q4)
  • Listen to Subscribers Needs & Define Main Student Personas 100% 100%
  • Course Outline (Modules, Chapter & Content) 100% 100%
2019 (q3)
  • Develop & Curate Auxiliary Content (Powerpoint, case studies, trades) 0% 0%
  • Record, Edit & Upload videos to the Cloud 0% 0%
  • Design, Develop & Launch Members Area 0% 0%
  • Design, Develop & Launch Sales Page 0% 0%


Many of our subscribers’ trade cryptocurrency and many others want to know more about it – that’s why we will get all the basics you need to know in one place because we just can’t help ourselves to save you some time & money.

We will offer a cryptocurrency market financial overview, ICO listings screener, a mining hardware calculator, coin converter and a news hub. All of this in one place & at no additional costs.

jul-sep/2018 (q1)
  • Crypto Market Reader & Front-End 100% 100%
  • Coin Converter & Front-End 100% 100%
  • Crypto News Hub(Several Outlets in One Place) 100% 100%
  • Members Area & Other Integrations 100% 100%
oct-dec/2018 (q2)

 There’s no running on the fast lane without proper shoes.


Do you like to wait in lines? I don’t. The secret to host a great party is to prepare your house for many guests.


Spectro is made by the community for the community, and our marketing would be any different. Our main partners are our affiliates and we want to provide a seamless, top-notch platform that matches their importance to our expansion. Don’t understimate this area.

jul-sep/2018 (q1)
  • Core Development & Integration 100% 100%
  • New Affiliate Area Design & Development 100% 100%
  • Final Testing & Development (Waiting on Subscription Migration) 100% 100%
  • W9 & W8-BEN Forms Automation 100% 100%
oct-dec/2018 (q2)


Spectro is one product of many to come, pieces of a greater vision, and we’ll have several thousand subscribers – we must have a system that allows us handling that many users. If you trade crypto often like me, you must hate those slow platforms and totally unreliable – I won’t allow that here. Implementing a robust CRM is key for data analysis, product research, user-friendly members area and inventory control.

jul-sep/2018 (q1)
  • New Platform Development & Integration 100% 100%
  • Deployment & New User Handling 100% 100%
  • Migrating Old Users Info (ETA: Jul/14th) 100% 100%
oct-dec/2018 (q2)


We keep your billing information as safe as we can, but MVP times are far gone, and now we are going big. We’re implementing new gateways for ease of payment and also enhancing our current platforms and security.

jul-sep/2018 (q1)
  • Stripe Integration Development & Deployment 100% 100%
  • Opening More Bank Accounts & Integrate Accordingly 100% 100%
  • PayPal Integration & Verification (waiting on gvnt paperwork) 100% 100%
  • Old System Shut Off & Older Subscriptions Destruction 100% 100%
2019 (q2)
  • Paperwork for #1 Multinational Franchise (Brazil) 0% 0%
  • Pagseguro, BoaCompra, Mercadopago & other gateways Integration Assessment 0% 0%


That’s the good kind of problem – we didn’t expect so much traffic so soon, thus we are getting some bigger guns to be up to the challenge.

jul-sep/2018 (q1)
  • Provider Curation 100% 100%
  • Final Migration & Test 100% 100%
  • CDN Integration 100% 100%
  • Firewall & Security Setup 100% 100%
  • Page Load Speed Optimization (2s<) 100% 100%
oct-dec/2018 (q2)

Our duty is to Serve & Educate

SUPPORT, Documentation & COMMUNITY

Every user that used our Telegram Channel or our support knows how much we care and how far we go for you! We will offer more and more information, I’ll make sure you get the best out of your Hypester Experience.


It’s not like I’m selling ice cream, I know…but don’t get overwhelmed yet, we got you. We know that the key to faster success is becoming a LEARNING MACHINE. Our job is to deliver the fuel to this fire with ease and objectivity. Boom.

jul-sep/2018 (q1)
  • Spectro 7M Tutorials & Extra Tips 100% 100%
  • Spectro 8M & Pro 8X New Tutorials 100% 100%
  • Advanced Tips & Tricks Tutorial #1 100% 100%
  • Wiki Structure Development & Design 100% 100%
oct-dec/2018 (q2)


I wish I had someone to teach or help me in the beginning, that’s something that I often say and I’ll never let you say it.

jul-sep/2018 (q1)
  • Telegram Group 100% 100%
  • 24/7 Customer Support Chat & Facebook Chat Integration 100% 100%
2019 (q2)
  • Premium Closed Community 50% 50%
  • On-Demand Webinars & Premium Articles 0% 0%


We strive to provide constant updates, better performance and evolve according to the feedback given by our users.

Spectro V1 (1-MAR-2017)
- Specter's ANN Strategy translation to code

Spectro V2 (1-JUN-2017)
- Added basic MA Crossings to confirm trends
- Minor Tweaks based on V1 Backtesting

Spectro V3 (1-JULY-2017)
- Added Customization Panel
- Extensive Backtesing and major code adjustments

Spectro V4 (1-JUNE-2017)
- Several Bug Fixes
- Added noise reduction
- MA Crossing Customization Options

Spectro V5 (1-AUG-2017)
- Added Bollinger Bands for anomaly detection
- Added Dynamic Triggering & Static Triggering
- Major Noise Reduction adjustments

Spectro V6 (1-SEP-2017)
- First commercial release for institutional trading
- Major Bug Fixes
- Extensive Noise Reduction Enhancement
- Dynamic Triggering Improvements

Spectro V7 or 7M (1-JUNE-2018)
- The strategy was split into two, for automation and other for manual trading (7A & 7M)
- Extreme UI & UX improvements for manual trading
- Massive Trend Analyzer update
- Added Fractal MA and 7 more MA types for trend analyzer.
- First Beta-Testing for retail trading
- Added 2 different types of noise Reduction
- Fine-Tuning panel completely revamped
- Now integrates with TradingView alerts

Spectro M (30-JULY-2018)
- Change of releases terminology(we update way too much - I dont want to have Spectro 100M in two months)
- Specter Price Prediction Cloud Algorithm integrated
- X Confirmation Algorithm integrated
- Spectro PRO X Algorithm integrated
- Specter's Trend Analyzer Algorithm integrated
- Scalping Trend Analyzer Algorithm integrated
- Massive UI & UX Re-Design
- Fine-Tuning Panel usability increased
- Performance Consistency Update for any Candle type(Heikin Ashi, Renko, Bars, etc)
- Spectro Multi-Resolution Support

Spectro M (9-AUGUST-2018)
- Code & Performance Improvement (100 lines of code eliminated)
- Noise Filtering Update (updated normalizing algorithm)
- Custom Trend Analyzer Performance Update
- Improved Customization Panel UI &UX Interface
- FRAMA Removed (poor pine support for recursive functions)
- Spectro Safest(#4) Triggering System Eliminated

Spectro M (14-AUGUST-2018)
- Auto Pivot System
- Adaptative Fibonacci Pivot
- BB Fibonacci Pivot
- Full Fibonacci Pivot
- Murrey's Math Pivot
- Code Improvement: 10 lines reduced
- Code Improvement: 13 redundant variables removed
- Bug Fix: Custom MA Trend Analyzer length
- Bug Fix: Some features were not working on certain assets

Spectro M (15-AUGUST-2018)
- Pivot Labels Color Change 
- Pivot Labels

Spectro M (15-AUGUST-2018)
- Pivot Labels Color Change 
- Pivot Labels
- Small Auto Pivo System Small Fixes
- Scalper Exhaust Algo Improvement

Spectro M  (15-AUGUST-2018)
- Massive Alert System Upgrade 
- Specter Clouds Alerts
- X Confirmation Bullish & Bearish Appear Alerts
- Price Crossing Auto Pivot Levels 
- Titles were optimized for usability 
- More Alert Options Were Included

Spectro M2 (12-DEC-2018)
- *New* Volume Analyzer 
1. Scalp Mode 
2. Sine Wave Mode 
3. Long Trend Mode 
4. Precision Mode 

- *New* Extra Reversal Tools 
1. RSI Method 
2. Scalp Exhaustion Method 
3. Volume Method 
4. Spectral Range Method 

- *New* Volatility Tools 
1. Alpha-Omega Future Volatility Index 

- *New* Trend Analyzer 
1. Specter Price Mode
2. Specter Volume Mode

Spectro M2 (22-DEC-2018)
- X Cong Formula Improvement 
- Code Optimization 
- New Features Alert Optimization 
- Style Menu Complete Revamp 
- Coloring Rework

Spectro M2 (22-DEC-2018)
- Minor Bugfixes

Spectro M2 (2-JAN-2019)
- Small Spectro Warning Fix(label disappearing when zoomed out) 
- Re-Added Spectro Custom Timeframe Capacity 
- Now you can turn the Spectro Oscillator on independently from the text Spectro Text Alerts
- Performance Improvement across all types of candles(100% same performance now for any type of candle)

Spectro M2 (2-JAN-2019)
- Scalp Exhaust Alert Fixed 
- Styling Code Optimization 
- Minor Bug Fixes