All the technical analysis you’ll ever need in one bad*ss indicator.

Spectro™ is an indicator that works on any market, assets, and timeframes simultaneously, offering multi-resolution trend analysis, entry/exit points alert, possible direction change warnings, 20 indicator consensus confirmations, price prediction clouds and more with extensive fine-tuning options.

Spectro™ gives you hundreds of powerful strategies for any situation.

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I’m a casual trader and don’t have too much time to analyze entry and exit points; Spectro is the perfect tool to help my decisions.

Toni Fong

There are similar bots out there that cost thousands of dollars. Great signaling system, especially for identifying optimal trade entries in high intensity set ups.

Ben Turner Dixon

This has absolutely been the EASIEST and most accurate indicator/signal that I have ever used...The value offered in this subscription is truly outstanding!

Vishnu Rajam

It has proved very valuable in this very difficult market. The support and community has been amazing. Keep up the great work!

KJ C Cardona

market indicators and trends

Trade anything easy with Spectro™

This is the brain behind everything; this mathematical model is one of the best oscillators you’ll ever see. You can fine-tune it as much as you want to fit your needs. It’s flexible and powerful. Keep scrolling; this is just the beginning.

See the future with Specter Clouds™

It doesn’t only forecasts reversals, but also predicts an approximate future price – and gives you a good entry point. Yes, that exists! Easily adjust to aggressive, moderate and conservative trading behaviors.

Get the best reversal entries

Our proprietary XConf™ algorithm reads through dozens of indicators and tells you when all of them agree. Easily adjust to aggressive, moderate and conservative trading behaviors.

Predict volatility spikes

Another Hypester’s proprietary algorithm, the Alpha-Omega volatility index™ detects when aggressive price changes will happen and its direction. Alpha-Omega often gives you the most profitable trades.

Reading volume made easy

Spectro offers different modes of volume analysis (scalp, long trend and precision). Volume is one of the most important and yet ignored pieces of technical data. It can be extremely complicated, but Spectro makes it easy with reactive bar colors.

Trend exhaustion algorithm

Trading reversals are dangerous; that’s why Spectro offers another layer of confirmation. Enjoy our proprietary trend exhaustion algorithm to not only eliminate risk but to find the best entry points.

Read trends like a boss

For long-term holders, investors, swing traders or trend traders, meet our trend analyzer algorithms. We offer many modes so you can choose whatever fits best your trading style and needs.

Super Filtered Price Action

Opportunities sometimes gets buried by all of that noise. Fake patterns and huge wicks, indecision everywhere. With out noise reduction algos experience price moves like never before.

Automatic Pivot Lines

We offer four types of pivotal leveling algorithms, both dynamic and static. Here you can see our Adaptative Fibonacci Algo, one of our traders’ favorites.

Channels? We got those too

Are you still unsure? We researched the best models and indicators to give you all of that in one tool. Constant updates and the most amazing online investing community you’ll ever see.

Predictive Channels

With a powerful algorithm and only 3 lines, you can easily see not only the direction but also good entry and exit points. One of the favorite tools of our userbase and extremely useful for all styles of traders and investors..

Experience your full power

Imagine all of the tools we just presented you working simultaneously – there’s nothing you can’t trade. Experience the best technology available for retail traders. With Spectro you can create strategies for any assets, any markets, and any given situation.

What makes it so complete?


want more details about these features? check out the knowledge base


Super Smoothed Price

Candlesticks, Renko, Heikin Ashi, they’re ok removing noise and useless data, but we offer a better way of seeing price, filtering noise and simplifying decisions.


Predictive Channels

See the direction of the market, and the best points for long and short entries, and safe take profit zones. All of that delivered with a 3-line intuitive design.


Alert Optimized

Everything in Spectro was meant to be used with Tradingview’s alerts. Easily automated your strategies and never miss good trades again.


Entry & Exit Points

The very core of Spectro™ based on our proprietary algorithm. This powerful and flexible oscillator detects even the smallest direction changes and it’s 100% customizable to identify and trade any type of moves you desire.


Direction Change Warning

A more sensitive and responsive alert that triggers before possible direction changes, usually appearing before a definitive buy/sell signal. Great for increasing your positions or taking profits.


Volume Analyzers

Most beginners completely ignore this important technical data. We know it can be complicated and confusing, that’s why our volume profiles make it all a bit more intuitive.


X Confirmations™ Algo

Check consensus between 10-20 indicators to confirm your trades with one look. This indicator makes your decisions faster and safer.


Specter Clouds™

Easy to read price prediction clouds that deliver early warning of possible reversals, suggested entry points and predicts future price, giving time to prepare several bars before.


Smart Trend Analyzer

Our trend analyzer algorithms use multiple resolutions, allowing you to easily see major market trends without needing additional charts.


Trend Exhaustion Check

Picking tops and bottoms or taking profits can be hard. With our Trend Exhaustion algorithm you can see those oversold/overbought areas with ease.


Fine Tuning Panel

Customize all of these options to your trading style using the fine tuning panel. We have suggestions for all styles built in, from scalpers to position traders.


Works on Anything

Spectro™ works on ANY market, asset & timeframe, and can be used on unlimited charts at once. If it’s on TradingView, you can trade it with Spectro™.


Future Volatility Prediction

Imagine if you could spot when huge moves are coming; good news, now you can with our Alpha-Omega proprietary algorithm. Not only forecasts volatility but its direction.


Auto Pivot Levels

Never worry about incorrect drawing Fibonacci levels again. Spectro shows all the important price levels automatically and includes different pivot modes.


Divergence Tools

Diverging signals are often strong and happen before moves. We offer a robust, yet simple set of tools to explore several indicators’ divergences.

most reliable trading indicator


We made a deal with God; he doesn’t trade and we don’t perform miracles.

The Spectro™ indicator isn’t a magic formula to forever winning, Never underestimate the power of the human misjudgment, even with a bot; that’s why basic financial market understanding is at very least recommended. Like with anything you should never just trust it blindly.

If you still believe you will find a miracle tool for $100 that will make you rich in a day/week/month, well the financial markets will give you a fast and rude wake-up call. We’re sorry for your pocket.

Spectro™ is a trading indicator that is focused on covering all the bases to drastically improve your odds, but it won’t make up for stupid decisions. Up to this date, the most common quote of our users after a loss is: “I should’ve ****ing followed the Spectro™ alerts.”

No longer a lone wolf


We know how hard and frustrating it can be when you’re trying to learn how to trade on your own, without anyone who gets it. That’s why we created the Hypester community – to share ideas, support other traders, answer questions and more.

best technical analysis indicators for intraday trading


Calling it a group is an understatement. You’ll get an invite to our Hypester Traders Telegram brotherhood where we answer questions, share ideas & strategies, and more. It’s highly active and constantly growing!

best technical indicators for commodities


You can access our extensive Knowledge Base at any time, even before purchasing, where you’ll find in-depth explanations and video tutorials on all the features of Spectro™. It’s constantly being added to and updated.

best technical indicators for commodities


We keep our users at a maximum of 200 subscribers. Our focus is on giving quality to our subscribers. Hypester is all about helping our fellow traders and provide a product and experience that you will love.

No office hours or automated phone systems


This isn’t 1995 – you shouldn’t have to call in to an automated phone system or spend days going back and forth over email. Our support is fast, simple, and interacts directly with your email – so you can keep track of your conversations from anywhere, anytime – even after you leave our site. No long wait times. We aim to get back to everyone within a few hours tops – yes, even on weekends!

most effective technical analysis indicators

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most accurate stock indicator

Create a Tradingview Account

Spectro™ is constantly analyzing real-time market data and we chose the powerful, flexible and free Tradingview platform.

most reliable stock market indicators

Sign Up for a Subscription

Sign up for the monthly subscription, and insert your tradingview username. It takes one business day to activate your license.

most accurate stock market indicator

Trade with Spectro™

You’ll receive an email with step-by-step instructions on how to start using Spectro™. With a few clicks you’ll be ready to trade!

#1 Cost-Benefit on the Market


You MUST have a TradingView Account to use these indicators.
If you do not have an account, you can sign up for a free one here.






Think it’s too good to be true?


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most reliable trading indicator



This subscription gives you the full power of Spectro™ M, allowing you to use it on any asset at any timeframe you want. It has been tested with Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Futures, & Cryptocurrencies and all of them presented a precision from 69% to 86%. Higher frequency trades using leverage were also tested with decent results (1min-5min timeframe).

You can combine the signal in any way you want. Using the same asset with different time frames allows you to be more precise finding bottoms and tops.

You MUST have a TradingView Account to use these signals. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for a free one here.

Once your payment is confirmed, there will be a processing period of up to 24 hours, after which we will get in touch with you via email to confirm your TradingView account and get you set up with the signals.

Still not sure? These might help


For more details and answers to even more questions, check out the knowledge base

Can I follow the signals blindly?
Tell me one time that “following something blindly” ended up well.  If you are looking for an easy money-making machine, if you have no experience in trading at all and you’re hoping to find the secret to wealth for $100/mo online, well my friend we are not the answer to your prayers.

Just ask yourself, if someone had such a thing, why would they sell it to you for 100 bucks? If you don’t even understand why this following signals blindly is bad when compared to real trading or how to properly filter through the signals then you should really not be trading at all. You should research and study more first; your pocket will thank me later.

Let us make something very clear: we’re not an alert service, we’re in the indicator business. We create tools for traders from traders. But, if you are a trader looking for a trading system to speed up your analysis, boost your confidence, predict reversals, price changes, solid entry points and much more, then this is for you. Spectro™ is meant to cover the basics and dramatically boost the profitability of your existing strategies. If you don’t even have one Spectro™ is definitely a good place to start. It’s very simple to create strategies with the trading system our indicator provides.

Is it true that Spectro™ has a 81% precision?

We ran Spectro™ Oscillator as a point of entry and exit on 12 very different and popular investor’s picks in the daily timeframe: Gold (US$/OZ), Silver (US$/OZ), USD/EUR (FOREX), USD/JPY (FOREX), Tesla (STOCK), Apple (STOCK), SP500 (INDEX), NASDAQ (INDEX), Oil (FUTURES), Live Cattle (FUTURES), BTC/USD (CRYPTOCURRENCY), XRP/BTC (CRYPOCURRENCY). We backtested it all the way to 2005, Tradingview’s oldest market data (cryptocurrency only had data up until 2011). We considered daily candles and a 0.25% commission. After that, we calculated the average of those 12 reports and that number was 81% precision, which means that it was profitable 8 out of 10 times

Does it have the same precision for everything?
No, this is simply impossible to achieve. We suggest applying the Spectro™ indicator and take a look at the graph and see if it’s “a good weather” to trade, if the trades are not clear we suggest moving to other assets.
Is it profitable on every time frame and or asset?
We made a deal with God, he doesn’t trade and we don’t do miracles. So the answer is NO, there will be assets and timeframes that Spectro™ won’t perform well(20% of times according to the backtesting & Paretto’s Law, of course). Also, we have to consider outside factors such as human error & speed, exchange delays and of course commissions.

Let’s say Spectro™ has a great precision on the 1-minute graph but you’re not taking into consideration commission fees. So, let’s say you made 0.3% profit on a trade but you have 0.5% in total fees – you would be losing money in this situation. So Spectro™ doesn’t work miracles and requires very basic trading knowledge.

Is Spectro™ the only thing I need to be profitable?
I strongly disencourage this, I can’t make myself any clearer: If you have little or no knowledge on trading, such as how to buy & sell, understanding entry & exit points, commission & fees, basic graphic comprehension, you should not buy Spectro™. Otherwise you would be buying a tool that is written in alien language, you wouldn’t understand anything and any positive outcome would be luck.
Are you liable if I lose money trading?
Not at all, Spectro™ is an advanced indicator that only returns you a mathematical possibility of direction. The decision is fully yours and yours only. Spectro™ is an indicator, like RSI, STOCH, Bollinger Bands, DMI, EMAs and so on – people make and lose millions every day using them and they don’t go and sue Mr. Bollinger because they lost money.

Remember you are fully liable for your money and your financial decisions. Spectro™ doesn’t point a gun to your head and tell you what to do with your money, I’m working on a version that does that though, I’m not sure if we’re calling it Skynet or Govern V2. For all the legal mambo jambo just read the disclaimer in the footer or my lawyer will Skynet me.

How do I use the Indicator?
Spectro™ will plot BUY and SELL on the graph according to the movement direction and odds (compared to past data). Remember, this is a odds game so nothing is 100% sure – except death. But please, watch these in-depth tutorials

1. Basic Instructions

2. Extra Tips & Tricks

How do i know these numbers are real?
The retail version is the “STUDY” mode, it’s only an indicator. The mode that runs the backtesting is the “STRATEGY” mode. The reason we chose to use the study is simple, Tradingview has a STRATEGY trade limit, so it only allows 2000 trades – if there are more it simply doesn’t work.

The problem? On smaller timeframes( 30 minutes or less) Spectro™ would not work because it would trade too much in a short amount of time, so we came up with a work around, so we graphically plot “buy and sell” on your screen but we don’t really tell the platform to compute a trade, so it works for you but you can’t see the math backtesting.

Worry not child, if you still think I’m full of shit we can check those numbers together over a videocall sharing screens. I only ask of you one thing: once we have those numbers checked out, I will record and publish that call for other people that might think it’s all bullshit.

Do you offer support if i need help setting it up?
Yes, but trust me it’s as simple as it gets. The setup is super, super easy. You will receive an email with a step-by-step guide both text and video, you can’t go wrong. If you still need support after all of that, feel free to get in touch. Trading tips, financial advise, one-on-one education are not covered by our support. Advanced Spectro™ tips will be sent periodcally over email to members.
Are there any kind of training or tips on how to best use it?
You will receive an email with one tip or two once your membership is activated. Spectro™ comes with its factory setting but that can be tweaked, that content will be only available to members and you’ll receive this email after your first month trading with Spectro™. There’s a special telegram group for the most engaged & advanced users, just ask me via email. Also, watch these in-depth tutorials

1. Basic Instructions

2. Extra Tips & Tricks

I don't know anything about trading. can i use this?
I really don’t think this is a good idea, not at all.
Do you have a money back guarantee?
Yes, you have 30 days to request your moneyback guarantee. You’ll receive a full refund after you show proof that you actually traded with Spectro™.

Unfortunately activating the licenses is a manual process and also we can only have limited amount of members so every time someone cancel we have to get in touch with the waiting list and this is not an automated process. Also, it was quite common that “trading tourists” used it, made money, cashed out and then asked for a refund, hence that’s why we aren’t so lenient regarding refunds.


These are Spectro™’s performance on popular assets with 10 years of backtest
All the following performance reports are provided by Tradingview™ – a trustworthy financial social media, trading platform & backtesting tool. The reports cannot be altered once posted and results are mathematically guaranteed by Tradingview. All reports are public – feel free to ask for them.