The Hypester Team

meet who makes the magic happen


The Conquerors

the ones who expand our horizons and grow our community 

Benjamin Dixon

Partnerships & Reseller Program Ambassador

Marcus Latta

Partnership Director

Alex King

Telegram Growth Specialist & AutoTelegram Founder

The Counselors

they make sure the decision-makers are keeping things great and growing

Vinh Le

Support Material Manager

Mark McCabe

Customer Satisfaction Manager

The Guardians

the ones who keep our community a family 

Jeremi Kossak

Community Moderator

Zane Gerrie

Community Moderator

Joby Bateman

Community Moderator

Rafael de Nadai

Community Moderator

Tjeerd Tankink

Community Moderator

The Trailblazers

the ones who turned a dream into a reality 

Roderick Specter

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Kelsey Frizzell

Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer