Trading is not all about scalping/day trading. To have a healthy and diversified portfolio, you should always have some strong trending long term assets to mitigate risks and keep your wallet always on the green side.


Keep your portfolio healthy with minutes


The UTA offers you insight about the trend’s health, just by looking at the background color, the stronger the color, stronger the trend. So higher up it is, stronger the uptrend is; the lower it is, stronger the downtrend. If it hovers around the middle it’s a weak trend or close to a reversal. Also, it gives you insight about intra-trend corrections and peaks and bottoms with the indicator line color


We made a deal with God; he doesn’t trade and we don’t perform miracles.

The Ultimate Trend Analyzer indicator isn’t a magic formula to forever winning, Never underestimate the power of the human misjudgment, even with a bot; that’s why basic financial market understanding is at very least recommended. Like with anything you should never just trust it blindly.

If you still believe you will find a miracle tool for $100 that will make you rich in a day/week/month, well the financial markets will give you a fast and rude wake-up call. We’re sorry for your pocket.

The UTA is a trading indicator that is focused on filtering the best out of the opportunities you’re trading and. Thus, if you don’t know how to find the opportunities, or you don’t have a solid trading strategy/system it’s best not to use it.

A solid tool with great resources


We know how hard and frustrating it can be when you’re trying to learn how to trade on your own, without anyone who gets it. That’s why we created the Hypester community & knowledge base – to share ideas, support other traders, answer questions and more.


Our support team is always available on our site to answer you any doubts or questions you might have. However they can’t tell you how to trade or how to manage your money, remember you’re responsible for your decisions and your money.


You can access our extensive Knowledge Base at any time, even before purchasing, where you’ll find in-depth explanations and video tutorials on all the features of Spectro™. It’s constantly being added to and updated.


You’ll receive an email with step-by-step instructions on how to start using Spectrum. With a few clicks you’ll be ready to trade!

No office hours or automated phone systems


This isn’t 1995 – you shouldn’t have to call in to an automated phone system or spend days going back and forth over email. Our support is fast, simple, and interacts directly with your email – so you can keep track of your conversations from anywhere, anytime – even after you leave our site. No long wait times. We aim to get back to everyone within a few hours tops – yes, even on weekends!

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You’ll receive an email with step-by-step instructions on how to start using Spectrum. With a few clicks you’ll be ready to trade!


You MUST have a TradingView Account to use these indicators.
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Want even more? Combine with our signature Spectro™ M Indicator, offering multi-resolution trend analysis, entry/exit points alert, possible direction change warnings, 20 indicator consensus confirmations, price prediction clouds and more with extensive fine-tuning options.



This subscription gives you the full power of the Ultimate Trend Analyzer, allowing you to use it on any asset at any timeframe you want. It has been tested with Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Futures, & Cryptocurrencies.

You can combine the signal in any way you want. We recommend using our UTA in combination with our Spectro™ M Indicator for maximum results.

You MUST have a TradingView Account to use these signals. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for a free one here.

Once your payment is confirmed, there will be a processing period of up to 24 hours, after which we will get in touch with you via email to confirm your TradingView account and get you set up with the signals.

Still not sure? These might help


For more details and answers to even more questions, check out the knowledge base

Can I follow this blindly?
Tell me one time that “following something blindly” ended up well.  If you are looking for an easy money-making machine, if you have no experience in trading at all and you’re hoping to find the secret to wealth for $100/mo online, well my friend we are not the answer to your prayers. Just ask yourself, if someone had such a thing, why would they sell it to you for 100 bucks?

If you don’t even understand why this following signals blindly is bad when compared to real trading or how to properly filter through the signals then you should really not be trading at all. You should research and study more first; your pocket will thank me later.

Let us make something very clear: we’re not an alert service, we’re in the indicator business. We create tools for traders from traders.

But, if you are a trader looking for a trading system to speed up your analysis, boost your confidence, predict reversals, price changes, solid entry points and much more, then this is for you.

Spectrum is meant to cover the basics and dramatically boost the profitability of your existing strategies. If you don’t even have one Spectrum is definitely a good place to start helping you find good trades.

Is this indicator the only thing I need to profit?
I strongly discourage this, I can’t make myself any clearer: If you have little or no knowledge on trading, such as how to buy & sell, understanding entry & exit points, commission & fees, basic graphics comprehension, you should not buy any of our indicators. Otherwise, you would be buying a tool that is written in an alien language, you wouldn’t understand anything and any positive outcome would be luck.
Are you liable if I lose my money Trading?
Not at all, our indicators are mathematical models to give you as much information as you can possibly have before making a decision, which is ultimately yours and yours only. The decision is fully yours and yours only. We sell premium indicators, like RSI, STOCH, Bollinger Bands, DMI, EMAs and so on – people make and lose millions every day using them and they don’t go and sue Mr. Bollinger because they lost money. Remember you are fully liable for your money and your financial decisions. Our technology doesn’t point a gun to your head and tell you what to do with your money, I’m working on a version that does that though, I’m not sure if we’re calling it Skynet or Govern V2. For all the legal mambo jambo just read the disclaimer in the footer or my lawyer will Skynet me.
Do you offer support if I need help setting it up?
Yes, but trust me it’s as simple as it gets.

The setup is super, super easy. You will receive an email with a step-by-step guide both text and video, you can’t go wrong. If you still need support after all of that, feel free to get in touch.

Trading tips, financial advise, one-on-one education are not covered by our support.

Advanced tips will be sent periodically over email to members.

I don't know anything about trading, can I use this?
I really don’t think this is a good idea, not at all.
Do you have a money back guarantee?
Yes, you have 30 days to request your moneyback guarantee. You’ll receive a full refund after you show proof that you actually traded with our indicators.

Unfortunately activating the licenses is a manual process and also we can only have a limited amount of members so every time someone cancels we have to get in touch with the waiting list and this is not an automated process. Also, it was quite common that “trading tourists” used it, made money, cashed out and then asked for a refund, hence that’s why we aren’t so lenient regarding refunds.